Fire Hydrant Replaced within 24 Hours of Joining Nextdoor

by Kris Parrent | March 13, 2018
Two days ago, a fire hydrant in the Mission Glen neighborhood was destroyed by an alleged drunk driver.

The fire hydrant was knocked completely off of its water supply and left the nearby homes in danger in the event of a fire. Mission Glen resident Asti took quick action and posted the photos to Nextdoor as well as contacting a local fire station. As of yesterday, the hydrant was still not fixed.

It would be logical for fire hydrants to be maintained by the fire department, but in our area that is actually not the case. Fire hydrants are responsibilities of your neighborhood’s Municipal Utility District (MUD). As a fire department, we obviously have a vested interest in the proper operation of fire hydrants, but we cannot perform any sort of repair to the hydrants.

Yesterday, we launched our Nextdoor account and received a great welcoming to the Nextdoor neighborhood.  Nextdoor is a social media platform which puts you directly in contact with your neighbors and your community. By joining, we gained access to over 16,000 residents within our protection district.  One of those 16,000 residents was Asti of Mission Glen.  After welcoming us to the neighborhood, she informed us of the hydrant in need of repair. We quickly explained that she should contact her MUD district and that she could find their contact information on her water bill. She did so immediately and the fire hydrant was replaced promptly this morning!

This shows the power that of social media and what our community can accomplish when we all work together. If you see something, say something. While we are technically not responsible for fire hydrants, our ultimate goal is the safety of each and every one of you. This goes beyond fire hydrants. We want to know if there is any safety issue in our community so that we can help get it corrected. We will take the steps to correct the action to the best of our abilities, or help you get in contact with the people who have the power to correct that specific issue.

We would like to thank Asti for her prompt attention to the fire hydrant in Mission Glen. We would also like to thank Mission Glen’s MUD district for correcting the issue in such a timely manner. If you haven’t joined Nextdoor we highly encourage you to do so. It will be one of our primary methods for contacting our local residents with important information regarding their neighborhoods.