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The Community Volunteer Fire Department's Junior Firefighter Program is designed for youth, 13 – 18 years of age, who are interested in learning about a career in the fire service. This fun, hands-on program provides participants with opportunities to increase their self-confidence and develop leadership skills through fire service-related activities.

Junior Firefighters get to train with CVFD Firefighters and Instructors on topics which include, firefighting skills, hose handling evolutions, ladder techniques, salvage operations, proper use of firefighting tools and equipment, breathing apparatus, and other related subjects. Junior Firefighters also have the opportunity to participate in ride-along shifts where they can assist CVFD firefighters in station activities and participate on emergency incidents (on a limited basis).

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Program Cost

There is no cost to participate in the Junior FF Program. Our goal is to educate and prepare our youth for a future in the fire service, without burdening the family with financial obligations


Must be between 13-18 years old

Must attend 75% of classes per quarter


Must be enrolled in school and meet attendance requirements, maintaining no less than a "C" grade in all classes


This program is held each Tuesday from 7pm-9pm

Additional trainings or meetings may be held on weekends


The safety of our Junior Firefighters is of top priority.  Junior Firefighters may actively participate in real emergency situations under direct supervision of certified firefighters.  Junior Firefighters are NOT allowed to enter burning structures, toxic atmospheres, potential collapse zones, or other obviously dangerous locations on the fire ground, although they may assist on the perimeter and observe. Junior Firefighters will be issued BLUE helmets, to immediately distinguish them from regular firefighters.

Junior Firefighters must obtain parental consent to participate in this program. Parents are encouraged to visit our facilities and speak with the Junior FF Instructors. 

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