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The Logistics Division of the Community Volunteer Fire Department is responsible for the procurement and maintenance of all capital assets such as fire stations, apparatus, equipment, department vehicles, and technology assets. 

Fleet Maintenance 

As our call volume continues to increase, it is important that our fleet remains operational in order to best serve the public. The Logistics Division works daily to coordinate the repair and preventative maintenance of our fleet to ensure they are functioning and ready to respond when needed. The Logistics Division also maintains a fleet of reserve apparatus so that a replacement is immediately available should one of our front line apparatus go down. 



Apparatus Committee

That apparatus committee is a dedicated group that not only designs but remains involved in the manufacturing process of new apparatus. The committee evaluates the current and future needs of the department to strategically design apparatus to ensure they are effective in upholding the mission of the department as well as maintain the safety of our personnel. The Apparatus Committee travels to the manufacturing plant for the design process and follows up with a secondary visit for final inspection. 

Facility Maintenance 

Between daily fire station life, public courses, and training events, our facilities require constant maintenance to remain operational. The Logistics Division works to ensure this so that our personnel have a safe and functioning work environment.


The department’s Quartermaster outfits all department personnel with uniforms and structural firefighter turnout gear. The Quartermaster also maintains records of firefighting gear and ensures compliance with national standards.

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