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El personal de comando es responsable de proporcionar dirección, supervisión y control de las funciones administrativas y operativas del Departamento. Estos miembros controlan el presupuesto anual del departamento, así como también desarrollan e implementan políticas para asegurar la calidad continua del servicio mediante el uso eficaz de los recursos. Además, los Subjefes administran al personal asignado a las distintas divisiones del departamento. 



Emergency Medical Services

The evolution of medicine and medical treatments as well as the rising need for emergency medical services, places high demands on the fire department. Our EMS staff continually review the needs of our community, and take a proactive approach to the care and treatment of the sick and injured. This proactive approach propels the Community Volunteer Fire Department to serve the community and their medical needs today and tomorrow. 

Our fundamental goal of EMS is to deliver the highest quality medical care with compassion to all in need to pre-hospital emergency care. The department accomplishes this goal with ongoing training and highly motivated personnel who are certified, and licensed as Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics. We are continually working to improve our level of service to the community through the use of the most progressive, innovative, and cutting edge equipment, training, and treatment protocols available in today's medical environment. Examples of this equipment include on-board ultrasounds, ventilators, and whole blood. 

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