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El personal de comando es responsable de proporcionar dirección, supervisión y control de las funciones administrativas y operativas del Departamento. Estos miembros controlan el presupuesto anual del departamento, así como también desarrollan e implementan políticas para asegurar la calidad continua del servicio mediante el uso eficaz de los recursos. Además, los Subjefes administran al personal asignado a las distintas divisiones del departamento. 

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Agency acts as the department's board of directors. Additionally, CVFD's services are contracted by Harris/Fort Bend ESD #100 who is ultimately responsible for providing fire and EMS services to the area. You can read more about the last 50 years on our history page. 

Mission Statement

Community Volunteer Fire Department exists to provide excellent customer service to the citizens with a set of specialized skills to protect lives, property, and the environment through preparedness, education, and emergency response. 

ISO Rating

The Community Volunteer Fire Department has earned a Class 1 rating by the Insurance Services Office (ISO), the highest possible rating for fire protection services. 


The Insurance Services Office (ISO) uses a countrywide classification system to rate a community’s fire protection capabilities. The ISO rating system takes into account a fire department’s response time, training, staffing levels, and the fire dispatch system. The rating system also includes an analysis of the water delivery system of the area controlled my Municipal Utility Districts. 


More than 50,000 fire departments are graded by ISO, and currently there are only 75 agencies in Texas and 411 in the United States that have earned a Class 1 rating. Our department continues to maintain the best overall coverage to ensure our public safety needs exceed expectations.

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